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Loan periods

  • books 4 weeks
  • audiobooks 4 weeks
  • music sheets 4 weeks
  • maps 4 weeks
  • language courses 4 weeks
  • magazines 2 weeks
  • music 2 weeks
  • DVDs and Blu-ray discs 2 weeks
  • CD-ROM discs and console games 2 weeks
  • e-books 2 days or 7 days

You can borrow most otems from the Louna libraries with the exception of the items in our reference libraries or some items locally related to the area.

Short term loans
Louna libraries have acquired more than one copy of some of the most popular books and these extra copies may have a shorter loan period. Their loan period is two (2) weeks and they cannot be renewed. These items cannot be reserved and they need to be returned to the library they were borrowed from. 

Quantities and age limits
You can have up to 10 DVDs or Blu-ray discs, 20 CDs and 10 CD-Rom discs borrowed with your library card at the same time. Louna libraries follow the Pan European Game Information (PEGI) age ratings when borrowing items to customers.

Returning items
Borrowed items need to be returned on their due date the latest. You can return items borrowed from any Louna library to any Louna library (except for short term loans). During opening hours you may receive a receipt from returning items if you so wish.
If items are returned through the book return slot outside opening hours, the library staff will mark items returned on the next possible opening day. Louna libraries are not responsible for the items returned through the book return slots.

Fines are applicable for late returns.

Last modified: 10 Dec 2015