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Joining the library

A library card can be obtained from any Louna library. It entitles you to use all library services. Not only can you borrow items from the library but you can also use the computers in the library or read foreign language newspapers at home from your own computer. With one card you can use the services of all Louna libraries.

The library card is for your personal use only, which means that you are solely responsible for its use and any items borrowed with it. More information on user rights and responsibilities and data protection is available in the
user regulations of the Louna libraries. The library card comes with a PIN code, which is your personal password. If you don't have a PIN code yet, you can obtain one from any Louna library.

The library card is issued to all who provide the information requested by the library, have an address in Finland and prove their identity with a valid ID card showing their photograph and personal identity number.

Customers under 15 years of years need a guardian as a guarantor who assumes responsibility for the items borrowed on the library card.

You can print out the application form in advance and return it to any Louna library with necessary details.

Please keep your contact information up to date. You need to notify the library about changes in your name, address, phone number or email.

Last modified: 15 Dec 2015